Yerevan - Flavio Foglietta
Yerevan - Flavio Foglietta

From Soviet Monoliths to Avant-Garde Art Installations

Yerevan is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, founded approximately 2800 years ago by King Argishti I. The city’s architecture tells its past, with ancient ruins whispering stories of old civilizations and Soviet-era buildings showcasing another chapter of history.

Yerevan, a city with a complex history reflected in its architecture, is a canvas displaying a myriad of styles from different epochs. Yerevan’s brutalist architecture is particularly noteworthy, with several prominent examples.

In addition to the previously mentioned Opera Theater and Zvartnots Airport, the Ministry of Transport and Communications stands as another imposing structure capturing the essence of brutalism with its heavy use of raw concrete and geometric shapes.Furthermore, the Yerevan Cascade, an imposing staircase and urban park, exemplifies the grand scale and ambition of brutalist design.

Connecting the city center to the Monument district, it offers breathtaking views of Mount Ararat. Each step is a testament to the boldness of this architectural style.No less significant is the Rossiya Cinema, now known as the Moscow Cinema, a relic of the Soviet era embodying the principles of brutalism. Its large blocky structure interrupts the skyline, recalling a bygone era when form followed function in the most literal sense.

Intriguingly, Yerevan has recently been in the spotlight for an unusual event: a local street was transformed overnight into an open-air gallery, showcasing avant-garde art pieces that challenge societal norms. This event has sparked a wave of interest in Yerevan’s art scene, highlighting the city’s evolving identity and its residents’ desire to express their unique perspectives on society’s progression.

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