Tiblisi - Polselli
Tiblisi - Polselli

Tbilisi, the crossroad between the East and the West.

Charming melting pot between cultures and religions, Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia. Its town center with winding alleys made of cobblestone reflects the long and complicated history of the country, which first underwent Persian and then Ottoman and Russian domination. The city is characterized by various architectural styles, ranging from Eastern Orthodox churches to Art Nouveau buildings, up to Soviet-era buildings. Dominating above the city are Narikala, a 4th century fortress and Kartlis Deda, the iconic statue of the “Mother of Georgia”.

Rotten Trips reporter Norman Polselli is an Italian writer and photographer who traveled across the country by bike. “The pictures depict the deep contrast between religious and secular Georgia: every woman has to wear a veil before entering the church but most of the girls are half-naked”.

Rotten Trips, reporters of global decadence, definitely recommends you to visit Kala, the medieval citadel. You’ll find charming small cafes and bars where you can enjoy the famous Georgian pizza “Khachapuri” and some good wine, since the country is one of the oldest wine regions in the world.

As in any former Soviet city, the urban landscape is broken by gigantic and alienating elements. Many “brutalist” neighborhoods in the outskirts of the capital are left to desolation and crime. “These areas have risen around factories that after the collapse of Ussr have gone bankrupt, leaving thousands of families in poverty”, says Norman Polselli.

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