Sofia - Snezhana Onova chess table
Sofia - Snezhana Onova

With its 1,500,000 inhabitants, Sofia is the capital and the largest and most densely populated city of Bulgaria. It is a surprising city made of deep contrasts between the Soviet era of the past and the emerging capitalism.

Its decadent charm makes the visit of Sofia unmissable for every true traveller. 
We recommend you to visit Nadezhda, an authentic working-class district of the golden years of socialism. 
We also suggest you take a stroll to the Jewish quarter and to the Zhenski Pazar, the women’s market, where everything seems to have stood still as it was 40 years ago. 
Take a walk through the bumpy roads and breathe the air: you’ll smell the scent of Kebapche, a typical street food made of pork and veal. Last but not least: a trip to Filipovtsi, a characteristic Roma district on the outskirts of the city.

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