Sarajevo - Stefano Perego Photography
Sarajevo - Stefano Perego Photography

Cobbled streets and bullet-riddled buildings: welcome to Sarajevo, the “Jerusalem of Europe”

Sarajevo’s decaying architecture possesses a mesmerizing beauty. The bullet holes and mortar scars that adorn the facades of buildings serve as poignant reminders of the city’s turbulent past. The abandoned structures, bearing witness to the ravages of war, create a haunting ambiance that both captivates and unsettles.

Comprising Bosniaks, Croats, Serbs, and other ethnic and religious groups Sarajevo’s population is diverse. It is considered “The Jerusalem of Europe” and has become a symbol of multiculturalism and coexistence, fostering efforts towards reconciliation and understanding among its communities.

Sarajevo’s streets serve as an unconventional canvas for storytelling. Graffiti and street art, born from the city’s vibrant artistic community, provide a platform for expressing the unspoken narratives and hidden emotions lingering within its walls. Murals and tags reflect the city’s struggles, desires, and dreams.

Beyond its historical scars, Sarajevo boasts a decadent and thriving nightlife, where the echoes of the past blend with contemporary beats. The city’s cafes, bars, and underground clubs pulsate with an electric energy, providing a space to immerse in a subculture that embraces the shadows.

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