Piacenza - Italy
Piacenza - Italy

Piacenza, Italy. Rotten cops in Sodom land.

During the lockdown, to supply a community of rich junkies in a city known for its bourgeois conformism, a group of cops turned into violent criminals. They realized that the big suppliers weren’t moving any dope during Covid time and they started a business with the big retail distributors in Milan. They took control of the drug market in Piacenza, 60 km south of Milan, subduing the main drug dealers of the city. “Either you sell our dope or we arrest you”, the cops said.

A proposal that could not be refused. Unless you accept to end up with broken ribs, a fractured nose and a concussion. They used torture to assert their authority. The violent methods of the Piacenza Carabinieri who became drug bosses were known in the underground.

Among them Hamza Lyamani, 28, drug dealer, convict, addict and informant for the corrupt Carabinieri. He is the whistleblower. He got severely beaten up by the crooked cops, allegedly, and decided to speak to the judges about the mafia system established. His revelations led to the arrest of tens of people: cops and other dealers. As a result of these arrests a war gang erupted both in and out of prison. Hamza had crucial information about the crooked cops, their associates and their competitors. People whom he met later in jail, sadly for him.

Giuseppe Montella is also being detained in the same prison, he faces a 12 years sentence. Montella is considered to be the super bad cop, head of the gang of 5 corrupt policemen. He is on trial for criminal conspiracy, torture, drug trafficking, robbery, extortion, illegal arrests and detentions. These are only the main charges against the Carabinieri. But there is more. Allegedly, the cops used to get severily stoned on pot and high on booze in fancy bars and then return to the police station where they would have orgies and gangbangs with tranvestite street prostitutes. Jacques Cousteau could never get this low.

Most of the people arrested and used by Montella’s gang were immigrants, clandestines, low life and underdogs who live in totally degrading conditions for such a wealthy city as Piacenza. A dozen people live in the place we depicted in this report. None of them wanted to be interviewed.

Were the narco cops in northern Italy linked to the southern mafia and did the mafia infest Piacenza? Most probably. The cops ran their business dealing directly with big mafia calabrese bosses in Milan and selling their dope all over Piacenza. It all ended because of greed.

Montella had a flamboyant living style. He was living in his villa with a swimming pool and having wild parties during the Covid lockdown. He also had a collection of sports cars. Montella was a small-time crooked cop who was not satisfied with his 1,300 euro month salary and founded a criminal gang made of corrupt and brutal cops. The good cops arrested him in July 2020 before he could expande, before he could become a true drug lord.

This is not the first time that Piacenza is shaken by arrests of crooked cops. In 2012 half of the anti narcotics division of the communal Police was incriminated for similar charges: stealing drugs to the dealers and selling dope.

Politics are rotten also. Giuseppe Caruso, former speaker of the Municipal Council gets arrested for mafia association and sentenced to 12 years imprisonment. Member of the far right party “Fratelli d’Italia”, he is accused of extortion, fraud, illegal money transfer, illicit intermediation and work exploitation.

Welcome to Piacenza, the calm, rich and quiet city where cops sell dope and have groupsex with transvestites in their duty station. Where the former speaker of the Municipal Council gets arrested for mafia association and a whole garnison of Carabinieri is under arrest for criminal conspiracy. Where everything is morally grey, turning to dark, and there is no true light but the blinking red neon of a rotten and decadent porn cinema.

Piacenza is falling apart and next sunday, the 26th of June, elections are to be held. The competition is between the (far) right and local Christian-Democrats.

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