• October 2, 2022

Rome’s growing wild boar invasion makes it the rotten capital of Europe Wild...

Sam Phran

  • September 25, 2022

In Thailand there is an incredible temple wrapped by a scary dragon In...

Aral sea

  • August 30, 2022

Aral lake, between Kazakistan and Uzbekistan. This is what climate genocide looks like...

New Delhi

  • August 20, 2022

New Delhi? Come on people show some love to the Dalit! Must feel...


  • July 8, 2022

An abandoned futuristic megastructure in the mountains of Bulgaria is quietly becoming one...


  • July 8, 2022

Sanzhi is a mysterious city that rises on the northern coast of Taiwan...


  • June 24, 2022

Piacenza, Italy. Rotten cops in Sodom land. During the lockdown, to supply a...


  • May 5, 2022

The garbage man’s war against big corporations to survive off their unique know-how. Sure you don’t want any of that lovely fresh flesh sold down the street?


  • April 12, 2022

Welcome to Dhaka, the worst Guinness world record city, and to Daulatdia, the largest brothel in Asia.

Ukraine, the war seen from Poland

  • March 26, 2022

War in Ukraine: watch our chat with Weronika Kosklowska, Rotten Trips reporter from Warsaw, Poland. “There are currently over 2 million Ukrainian refugees in Poland, I’m impressed by this huge wave of solidarity. Russia’s army is scary and many polish fear an escalation”.