New Delhi

Delhi - Michele Rolandi
Delhi - Michele Rolandi

New Delhi? Come on people show some love to the Dalit!

Must feel insane. New Delhi, capital of India, has 23 million inhabitants. We have no advice to give you, the place is huge, polluted and crowded.

Of course there are cows chilling in the middle of the boulevards and the metropolis is made of neighborhoods.

Each of them reflects the working division of the caste system: so there’s the butcher’s, tanner’s, and all sorts of craftsmen’s quarter. There is also the “Dalit”, the so-called “Untouchables”, ghetto.


If you are born a dalit your are pretty much fucked. Condemned to suffer by working in some shitty heavy dead end job for your entire life and die poor

So watch the streets and pay attention: the ones who will help you best are at the bottom of the social Indian system. Show them at least some love!

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