Moscow - Iosif Gagnidze
Moscow - Iosif Gagnidze

Solncevo, the working class neighborhood cradle of the most powerful mafia cartel in Russia

Solncevo is a modest working-class neighborhood in southwestern Moscow, outside the MKAD, the large ring road that surrounds the city.

Solncevo is also the name of what is perhaps the most powerful criminal syndicate born from the ashes of Soviet Union when theft of public resources was a national sport. The organization controls several banks and hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses.

A 2015 FBI report describes it as the most powerful Eurasian criminal gang in terms of wealth, influence and control of financial resources. The organization has between 7,000 to 9,000 affiliates and it is made up of at least ten brigades operating under the cartel known as The Solncevo Brotherhood.

Rotten Trips warmly recommends you to visit this district of Moscow and invites you to try some of that tasty unlabeled vodka that is produced on the spot, being very careful also not to be struck down by random drive-by shootings.

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