Milano - Filippo Lorusso
Milano - Filippo Lorusso

Milan is the second largest city in Italy. It is the industrial and financial capital of the country. It is also one of the most densely populated metropolitan areas in Europe. The city is in a permanent state of evolution. Since the middle of the XIX century the city has been the center of a wave of massive immigration flow from southern Italy that has expanded the metropolis’ borders and led to the construction of new suburban areas. 

A new form of organized crime emerged from these popular and crowded neighborhoods.To fully appreciate Milan’s wild building development, we recommend you to start your visit from Quarto Oggiaro, a suburb of 35,000 residents. Over the years this neighborhood has earned the label of local “Bronx” due to high criminality rates among the population.Moving forward through the center of the city you will be struck by the decadent beauty of Milan’s old buildings. 

We advise you to take a walk in the city’s Chinatown. This district is the result of an historical migration from Asia that started in the 1920s. In that decade a Chinese community settled in Milan. These first immigrants were from Zhejiang, a region from which most of the Chinese still come from today.We definitely recommend you to visit the once stronghold of the milanese mafia located in the surroundings of via Padova. This area is today a melting pot of different cultures and nationalities.

You must finish your tour by visiting other infamous spots linked to Milan’s organized crime like the Comasina neighborhood, home of the milanese gangster of the ’70s Renato Vallanzasca and its crew. Following the footsteps of the local mafia, you surely don’t want to miss a visit to the Barona, the Corvetto and the Lorenteggio district. 

This last area is near the Rogoredo train station which is today the main drug dealing zone in Milan.To relax, Rotten Trips recommends you to stop in one of the many kebab stands where you can taste a unique combination of Italian and Turkish street food.A well deserved pause before resuming to dive into Milan’s decadence!.

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