Manila - Giorgio laksetich
Manila - Giorgio laksetich

Between war on drugs and the MILF insurgency.

From colonial oppression and brutal dictatorship to poverty and crime: Manila, capital of the Philippines, is a sprawling metropolis of over 13 million people that has seen its share of darkness.The inequality is economic, social and political. The city is divided by class, religion, ethnicity, and ideology, creating tensions and conflicts that often erupt into violence.

One of the sources of violence in Manila is the drug war that has been waged by the government since 2016. The campaign, which aims to eradicate illegal drugs and drug-related crimes, has resulted in thousands of deaths, mostly of poor and marginalized people. The drug war has sparked controversy and criticism from human rights groups, the media, the church, and the international community, who accuse the government of violating due process, rule of law and human dignity.

Another source of violence in Manila is the insurgency. The city is a frequent target of attacks by various rebel groups, such as the communist NPA (New People’s Army) and the Islamic separatist MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front).

And now a few words about Filipinos. They are considered Latins of Asia. This is partly because of the colonial history of the Philippines, which was ruled by Spain for more than 300 years. During this period, Filipinos adopted Catholicism, Spanish names and words, and a mestizo culture that blended indigenous, European and Asian influences.

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