Athens - Kostantina Yatsou


Exarchia, Athens. The warm dark heart of the Revolution: an underground acid tour with Yannis Z, hard core antifa militant Yannis Z is a hard-core anarchist activist. He was born in 1977 and has...

Norilsk - Elena Chernyshova Photography


Welcome to Norilsk, Siberia. Where everything is rotten under the snow

Belgrade - Stefano Perego Photography


April 2020. Partizan and Red Star ultras protest on the roofs of New Begrade buildings against lockdown measures with firecrakers and smoke bombs. City within the city, New Belgrade is a municipality built in...

Sofia - Snezhana Onova chess table


We recommend you to visit Nadezhda, an authentic working-class district of the golden years of socialism.

Milano - Filippo Lorusso


Milan is the second largest city in Italy. It is the industrial and financial capital of the country. It is also one of the most densely populated metropolitan areas in Europe. The city is...

Bucharest - Weronika Kozlowska


Therefore we recommend an excursion to the districts of Obor, Rahova, Pantelimon and above all Ferentari. This district is called “sector C” and is known by the nickname of “Land of the pirates”.