Chisinau - Stefano Perego Photography 0


Chisinau: Europe’s poorest capital .Located in the heart of Moldova, Chisinau, the nation’s capital, is often cited as Europe’s poorest capital. Despite its economic struggles, Chisinau offers a unique European experience with its picturesque...

Tiraspol -Alessio Luna


Tiraspol: The Capital of Semi-Unrecognized State Moldova, with its capital, Chisinau remains a relatively unknown European state. Its history has been a tapestry of empires – Ottoman, Russian, Romanian, and Soviet. In the present...

Sarajevo - Stefano Perego Photography


Cobbled streets and bullet-riddled buildings: welcome to Sarajevo, the “Jerusalem of Europe” Sarajevo’s decaying architecture possesses a mesmerizing beauty. The bullet holes and mortar scars that adorn the facades of buildings serve as poignant...

Tirana - Francesco Cassino


Albania. The bunkers of Tirana, capital of a nation once ready for war anytime Tirana is known for its colorful architecture, a unique mix of ottoman and fascist and socialst brutalism. During the nazi-fascist...

Moscow - Iosif Gagnidze


Solncevo, the working class neighborhood cradle of the most powerful mafia cartel in Russia Solncevo is a modest working-class neighborhood in southwestern Moscow, outside the MKAD, the large ring road that surrounds the city....

Italy, Roma - La Maletita Feliz


Rome’s growing wild boar invasion makes it the rotten capital of Europe Wild boar invasions in Rome are frequent. Each spring, mammals invite themselves into the city to find food in the many poorly...

Bulgaria, Buzludzha - Giorgio Galano


An abandoned futuristic megastructure in the mountains of Bulgaria is quietly becoming one of the most popular destinations for our community of reporters. This is Buzludzha, a colossal “white elephant“ Soviet palace set in...

Piacenza - Italy


Piacenza, Italy. Rotten cops in Sodom land. During the lockdown, to supply a community of rich junkies in a city known for its bourgeois conformism, a group of cops turned into violent criminals. They...

Varsaw - Veronika

Ukraine, the war seen from Poland

War in Ukraine: watch our chat with Weronika Kosklowska, Rotten Trips reporter from Warsaw, Poland. “There are currently over 2 million Ukrainian refugees in Poland, I’m impressed by this huge wave of solidarity. Russia’s army is scary and many polish fear an escalation”.

Pripyat - Alessio Luna


War in Ukraine: Tchernobyl on the brink of another nuclear disaster.