Bethlehem - Danilo Pinzi
Bethlehem - Danilo Pinzi

The wall of shame, division yet resistance

Bethlehem is known for its religious significance and for being the birthplace of Jesus Christ. But the city has a darker side, characterized by the towering wall that divides it from Israel.Stretching over 700 kilometers and towering over 8 meters high in some areas the wall is an imposing structure. It snakes through the city and surrounding areas, separating Palestinian communities and families from one another, disrupting daily life, and limiting economic opportunities. It represents the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine, with Israel citing security concerns for its construction and Palestinians condemning it as a symbol of oppression and apartheid.

The wall has become a canvas for artists, activists, and protesters from all over the world. It is covered in vibrant and thought-provoking murals and graffiti, telling the stories of those affected by the conflict and promoting messages of resilience and unity.

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