Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa - Weronika Kozlowska
Addis Ababa - Weronika Kozlowska

Addis Ababa and Mekelle: the Capital and the war zone

Ethopia’s civil war is escalating. United Nations reports of massacres and tortures on the northern province of Tigray. The region is on fire, with thousands of deaths and nearly 2 millions of internal refugees.  UN officials fear another Ruanda-style genocide.

Ethiopia is the cradle of humankind. The oldest human skull, dated back to some 160,000 years ago, was discovered in this land.  Today the country is devoured by ethnical conflicts, poverty and famine.

Its capital, Addis Ababa, is a city of 4 milions inhabitans. “It’s hard to say what is slum and what is not”, says Rotten Trips reporter and African studies scholar at Warsaw University, Weronika Kozlowska.
To fully appreciate the beauty of the city we recommend you to start visiting it at dawn, when the city awakens immersed in an almost mystical fog.

Visit Meskel square, in downtown Addis Ababa, with its monster and decadent buildings. Some of them are still under construction since the ’80.  Close to the square, you’ll easily reach the National Stadium of Addis Ababa, a football and athetics stadium built in the heart of the capital.

Rotten Trips, reporters of global decadence, suggests you to discover Bole, an overcrowded neighborhood risen around the International Airport. “It’s a chaotic meeting point with thousands of cars, taxis and minivans in perpetual motion”, says Weronika.

Bole is the place to be for the nightlife. Its small cubs, caffes and restaurants are charming. The street food is delicious. Taste the Enjera, a typical ethiopian pancake filled with spicy meat and vegetables. Have a Saint George beer, a light lager, and try the national liquor: an 11% alcohol content honey wine named Tej.
“The best way to meet Ethiopians is to dive into the city by taking their same old bus and minivans. People in Addis Ababa are friendly, and they really appreciate the white men’s effort!”, claims Weronika.

Our reporter has also visited Mekelle, the capital of Tigray: “I took these pictures of Mekelle before the war started.  It is very hard to reach that region now because it is a war zone and we have no information on what is happening in the area.

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