Havana - Kire Bo


Havana Vieja: Where History Beckons in Every Cobblestone Havana Vieja, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982, is a place where history’s echo reverberates through its winding streets. Founded in 1515 and elevated...

Tiraspol -Alessio Luna


Tiraspol: The Capital of Semi-Unrecognized State Moldova, with its capital, Chisinau remains a relatively unknown European state. Its history has been a tapestry of empires – Ottoman, Russian, Romanian, and Soviet. In the present...

Varanasi - Adrian Venditez


Varanasi: mysticism, decay, and the dance of contradictions Nestled along the meandering banks of the sacred Ganges River in northern India, Varanasi, often referred to as Banaras or Kashi, is a city that breathes...


Cairo – Al Qarafa –

Al Qarafa: not exactly a shantytown nor a cementary. But a bit of both In the capital of Egypt, there’s a particular Muslim cemetery that emerges on the Nile’s oriental river bank. This cemetery,...

Sarajevo - Stefano Perego Photography


Cobbled streets and bullet-riddled buildings: welcome to Sarajevo, the “Jerusalem of Europe” Sarajevo’s decaying architecture possesses a mesmerizing beauty. The bullet holes and mortar scars that adorn the facades of buildings serve as poignant...

Manila - Giorgio laksetich


Between war on drugs and the MILF insurgency. From colonial oppression and brutal dictatorship to poverty and crime: Manila, capital of the Philippines, is a sprawling metropolis of over 13 million people that has...

Bethlehem - Danilo Pinzi


The wall of shame, division yet resistance Bethlehem is known for its religious significance and for being the birthplace of Jesus Christ. But the city has a darker side, characterized by the towering wall...

Sihanoukville - Antonio Muzzu


This influx has led to overcrowding and environmental damage. Many of the beaches are now littered with rubbish and waste.

Darvaza - Nicolò Monica


Darvaza, the gates of hell or a collective hallucination?

Caracas - Bob Arch


Nestled in a valley surrounded by mountains, Caracas is the bustling capital city of Venezuela. With a population of over two million people, it is a vibrant and exciting place to visit.